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About Cuisine Machine

The Cuisine Machine aims to change the way people will receive and cook food. With advancing technology, The Cuisine Machine is created to function in an orderly manner to give each person their meal from the comfort of their own home. 


How It Works

It’s Really Simple

Wondering how Cuisine Machine works? The Cuisine Machine is an on-demand food delivery service that cooks and serves food on command. It is an electronic device that provides a service. It has additional features where you can customize your own recipes and menu, and it has a voice recognition feature. This allows the customers to experience high quality food that is tailored to each individual and minimizes the inconvenience of cooking.


Our Monthly Subscription Meal Plans

Something For Everyone

With so many plans to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Cuisine Machine. Now with our catering service, you're allow to choose just what kind of meal you want to receive for that special occasion. Check out our variety monthly plans below!


Gold Membership

A great option for countless customers. Enjoy excellent value and exclusive offerings with our $199.99 meal plan only. 


Bronze Membership

Choose this $29.99 snack plan The Cuisine Machine has to offer and receive a great variety of friendly snacks only. 


Platinum Plan

Choose this two in one meal and snack plan starting only at $249.99. Take advantage of every taste The Cuisine Machine has to offer. Click below to purchase this plan today.


Silver Membership

Choose this plan and receive a one meal and one snack. Take advantage of free shipping plus a complimentary delivery at no extra charge. Click below to purchase this plan today.



Have company? The Deluxe Package provides catering service feeding up to 150 people! Choose this monthly plan if you want for unlimited diversity of meals and desserts that the Cuisine Machine can offer. Your guests will all be satisfied by the end of the meal, and you did not have to worry and cook all day.

Get your Deluxe Package for only 4670.95 monthly!


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